New bending machine TRUMPF is running!

At the end of March 2020 the company VENTS put the latest modification of the bending machine TRUMPF TruBend 5085 into operation. The product line extension, constant output growth, and desire to contribute to a comfortable working environment for the staff were the reasons for it.

It is worth recalling that TRUMPF TruBend 5085 is a high-tech hydraulic press for metal sheets bending. The ACB laser allows precise measuring and adjusting of a bending angle by the machine. It usually takes only 12 seconds to process one part. The work area is equipped with indicators and cameras displaying the sheets bending process on the screen. This allows a machine operator to insert parts properly.

TRUMPF TruBend 5085 has updated software for better bending process adjustment. Due to the touch screen monitor a machine operator can create a three dimensional model of production process and easily adjust bending operations right in the process of the unit bending. Metalware manufacturing became more precise and comfortable due to 3D modeling of the production process.

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VENTS VUE2 250 P EC: mounting of the suspended air handling unit in a flat

VENTS VUE2 250 P EC: mounting of the suspended air handling unit in a flat

In this video the VENTS team will show the mounting of the air handling unit in a flat, to be exact in a flat with no windows. As this bedroom has no windows, the window ventilation is not possible. An air handling unit with heat recovery is a good ventilation solution for bedrooms with no windows. The VENTS VUE2 250 P EC air handling units with heat recovery is intended for ventilation of a flat. It is also applicable for installation in a dressing room or a bedroom with no windows. The ventilation unit is designed for ceiling mounting or mounting into drop ceiling spaces. The VENTS experts will suspend the air handling unit at the balcony. While mounting we have to remember to provide free servicing access to all parts of the ventilation unit for maintenance and repair. The air ducts are laid at the balcony and later we cover the wall with plasterboards. The PLASTIVENT flat air ducts are recommeded for use in spaces with limited installation areas in the drop ceiling. The maximum air capacity of the unit with air filtration is 250 m3/h. The air handling unit consists of two heat exchangers. These generate no condensate, are frostproof, able to recover up to 85% heat energy and maintain the air humidity. EC motors are cost saving and have only 125 W power consumption. To enable an extract bathroom ventilation our mounting team will additionally install the VENS Quiet-STYLE fan with max. air capacity 90 m3/h.